Saturday, January 14, 2012

Factor Samurai App

A while back one of you got me addicted to Fruit Ninja.  And although it is a fun little diversion, it is not really a learning game - and I love when my kiddos play learning games!  So, today, I found Factor Samurai!
It is very similar to Fruit Ninja - only you slice composite numbers and try to avoid prime numbers.

You can select from a variety of levels from Grasshopper for beginners (which features smaller numbers) up to Master.
In this instance, would slice the 8 which would in turn break into 2 and 4, and you have to slice the 4 as it is another composite number.

Best part?  The app is free at the itunes app store!
Even better part? You can earn extra credit and earn $25 Malloy dollars by showing Mrs. Malloy your high score on your ipod or phone.  What teacher not only lets you play apps but tells you to play apps???

I do!

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